About TRAC

The TRAC Center opened in October 1995. Once the power was turned on, TRAC Center experienced positive growth in quality events and expanding community attendance. The expanding program base results in more dollars spent within the community.

TRAC Center offers a versatility that few event venues can offer to both the promoters and to the public. The complex features a 38,184 square foot Exposition Hall & 39,200 indoor dirt floor arena (portable flooring available contact TRAC Center for pricing), supported by a spacious Atrium and three conference rooms. Over 84,000 square feet of exhibit space is available, making TRAC Center one of the largest event venues in Washington. Each area within the complex is a standalone venue or all the areas may be combined for larger events.

TRAC Center's customers will find a professional, customer service oriented staff that is able to ensure a successful event. In-house event services make TRAC Center a "one-stop shop" for TRAC Center patrons and food and beverage service completes the scope needed for a successful event. Paved parking for 1,450 cars, adjacent grass parking for 500 cars is also available along with a separate 6 acre parking lot.

More information on TRAC Center is available when you view each individual area's web page.

Ownership & Oversight

TRAC Center is owned and operated by Franklin County with financial support from the City of Pasco.

An Advisory Board which is made up of Seven (7) Franklin County Community members that serves in an advisory capacity to the Franklin County Commissioners regarding the TRAC Center operations.